Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies (IJOURELS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that serves as a forum for disseminating research findings on issues relating to religion in general. The Journal in its resolve to be among the best globally invited reputable international scholars to serve on its Editorial and Advisory Teams. Their involvement has contributed immensely in making this journal what it is today. That notwithstanding, we welcome comments, suggestions and ideas that would enhance and sustain the quality of the journal. It is the policy of the Journal to publish in June and December every year. We therefore request for well-researched and scholarly written articles in the fields of African Religions, Christian Studies, Islamic Studies, other world religions, Comparative Religious Studies and articles relating to religion in general. This maiden edition of the Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies contains six articles spanning through Christian Studies, Comparative Religious Studies and Islamic Studies. This is done to guard our policy of catering for the interest of all religions, and promoting academic excellence in the study of religion.


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